"Deep Forest Home"

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Medium: Bronze (Wall Hanging)

Edition: #2/39 (last one available)

Dimensions: 20" x 8" x 5"

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Deep in the conifer forest, a pair of northern saw whet owls take up the duties of their new home.  The male, perched on top of the stump, looks over the landscape, while the female sleepily peers out of her comfortable nesting hole.

(This piece is available fully painted or in a traditional patina.)


Artist Note: This is a wall hanging bronze sculpture.  I sculpted the original piece many years ago.  The collector who commissioned the piece kept #1 and I kept #2 for myself.  I have loved having it around but recently decided that it was okay to let it go. 


This piece is now a closed edition meaning that there will not be any other sculptures of this piece available once this final piece sells.